• ePM 10A/12MA

    Mindray’s ePM 10A and 12MA monitors have an exceptional user interface and
    enhanced parameter functionality, delivering a monitoring solution to fit multiple care
    environments. Experience the immediate and measurable benefits of the smartphonelike user interface that delivers 98% of all common monitoring functions with just
    2 gestures, reducing time clinicians spend navigating monitor functions, and more
    time on what matters most, patient care. Advanced monitoring options are integrated
    in both the ePM 10A and 12MA; 3 and 5- lead ECG, SpO2, NIBP, respiration, and
    temperature supporting multiple clinical workflows.

  • Passport 8 Patient Monitor

    Mindray proudly offers the Passport 8, an inspired result of ingenuity and efficiency in the approach to the varying levels of patient care. Passport 8 comes standard with an 8" touchscreen display, easy touch function keys, and parameters that meet your clinical needs: 3 or 5-lead ECG, SpO2, NIBP, respiration, and temperature. In addition, Passport 8’s plug-and-play modular structure allows for more advanced monitoring functions to be added such as CO2 (sidestream or Microstream), 2-channel IBP, cardiac output, or a combination of all three.

  • Passport 17m Patient Monitor

    The Passport 17m, a member of the Passport family of monitors, is designed to provide a clear view of patient information, speed workflow at the bedside, and enhance decision making in the critical care and intermediate care environments. The 17m presents a clear and uncluttered view of patient data from an expansive set of measurements, specialized applications, and even remote systems. The familiar Passport interface provides rapid access to vital information and is customized to meet individual patient and department protocols.

  • T1 Transport Monitor / Module

    Small size. Big capabilities. The Mindray T1 transforms patient care by adapting to your patient’s needs across the hospital enterprise – from module, to transport, to stand-alone bedside monitor – while maintaining continuity of patient information and speeding workflow.

  • MIPM Tesla M3

    TeslaM3 has been especially developed for monitoring during MRI examinations. The monitor and user interface have been designed in cooperation with clinical users and fulfill all requirements of a modern MRI patient monitor.

  • MIPM Tesla Duo

    TeslaDUO combines monitoring of arterial oxygen saturation and the measurement of the non-invasive blood pressure in one compact unit.TeslaDUO and all accessories are approved for a magnetic fi eld strength of up to 3 Tesla.

  • Refurbished Monitors

    Anesthesia Service, Inc. can locate the right refurbished monitor for your facility's needs.


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