Airway Management

Anesthesia Service, Inc. supplies devices and products for intubation and airway management.

Mediplus Capnomasks

Oxygen Mask with CO2 Sampling

CO2 Sampling Cannulas

Nasal Cannulas for CO2 Monitoring and
O2 Delivery
· Comfort Soft Plus™ tubing virtually eliminates ear
ulceration and provides total comfort to the patient.
· Available in different lengths, tubing connections.

Heine Laryngoscopes

Anesthesia Service, Inc is an authorized distributor for Heine laryngoscopes

CoPilot Video Laryngoscope

You shouldn’t have to decide who deserves to be treated
with the best technology for intubation. The CoPilot VL was
created by clinicians, for clinicians as an easy to use, affordable
video laryngoscope. Every patient, every time.

Laryngeal Mask Airways

End the guesswork.
Scientific papers have conclusively shown that cuff pressures in endotracheal tubes and laryngeal masks should routinely be monitored with a cuff manometer or the patented Tru-Cuff ™ LM. The Tru-Cuff ™ indicates pressure in the cuff, detecting changes due to temperature, nitrous oxide levels and movement within the airway. Easy to read color indicator bands provide you with at-a-glance feedback indicating pressure changes instantly before they affect patient safety. The Tru-Cuff ™ is available for the complete family of AES Ultra masks.

Endotracheal Tubes

Many Varieties of ET Tubes to serve a variety of facilities

Breathing Circuits and Accessories

The sensible choice for single limb anesthesia breathing circuits. The Westmed Uni-Lim™ is the optimal choice for your Co-Axial Circle System needs. Westmed offers the right product at a sensible price.