Anesthesia Systems

Mindray A7

The new A7 Anesthesia Workstation takes the popular A-Series to an even higher level. The feature-rich A7 combines traditional bellows driven ventilation with electronic fresh gas technology and an intuitive user interface, to provide effective care across a wide range of patients. Electronic fresh gas control ensures precise flow dynamics as well as accurate and responsive support for your clinical and cost saving requirements, including low flow anesthesia delivery. Agent usage calculation feature displays the amount of agent used for each case. The ergonomic workstation design is efficient and practical with a variety of mounting options, plenty of work and storage space, as well as direct HL7 data output for AIMS and EMR integration. The A7 Anesthesia Workstation improves workflow and offers high performance in a safe, reliable, easy to use, and cost effective anesthesia delivery system.

Penlon Prima 451 MRI

The Penlon Prima 451 is a compact MRI anaesthesia system, with advanced patient support modes, and has been designed for use with 1.5 and 3 tesla scanners.

Refurbished Anesthesia Equipment

In addition to new Anesthesia machines and monitors, ASI supplies used, refurbished, and reconditioned anesthesia equipment and monitors from manufacturers such as GE, Datex Ohmeda, and Draeger.

Penlon Sigma Delta Vaporizers

The Delta vaporizer deliversaccurate concentrations undervarying conditions of flow rateand temperature, particularly at low flow

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