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MIPM Tesla Duo

MIPM Tesla Duo

Key Features

MRI pulse oximeter and non-invasive blood pressure monitor in one integrated solution
TeslaDUO combines monitoring of arterial oxygen saturation and the measurement of the non-invasive blood pressure in one compact unit.
TeslaDUO and all accessories are approved for a magnetic field strength of up to 3 Tesla.
The wireless SpO2 sensor allows for greater flexibility in patient positioning, as well as being comfortable and easy to affix to the patient.
The MRI monitor is available in 3 different configurations:
• Option 1 - pulse oximetry (SpO2) only
• Option 2 - non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) only
• Option 3 - combined pulse oximetry (SpO2) and non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP).

TeslaDUO is easily operated by using the 7 inch touch screen.
With dual screen capability, you are able to display the saturation curve, with either small numerics or large numerics.
All Parameter menus can be activated directly in the main screen and provide an intuitive user interface.
• Integrated Trend memory
• USB Interface
• 6 NIBP Intervals
• Infrared remote control for operation from the control room
• Optical and audible Alarms
• Optional cardiac gating

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