Penlon Prima 451 MRI

The Penlon Prima 451 is a compact MRI anaesthesia system, with advanced patient support modes, and has been designed for use with 1.5 and 3 tesla scanners.

safe anesthesia in the MRI suite

safe anesthesia in the MRI suite

• Approved for use with 1.5 and 3 tesla scanners, up to 1000 gauss*
• Electronic touch screen ventilator
• Designed specifically for use in an MRI environment
• Compact footprint, optimum maneuverability
• Total system compatibility
• Designed and manufactured in the UK
• Six ventilation modes, and patient support for spontaneous breathing
• Auxiliary oxygen flowmeter (option)
• Sigma Delta vaporizer with interlock, four agent and two filler block options
• Large workspace
• Enclosed construction - no hidden storage areas promotes MRI-safe operation
• Lockable castors - assists stability
• GCX™ compatible aluminum uprights for secure accessory mounting
• Integrated CO2 absorber with ventilator interface
*Conditions apply

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