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Breathing Circuits and Accessories

The sensible choice for single limb anesthesia breathing circuits. The Westmed Uni-Lim™ is the optimal choice for your Co-Axial Circle System needs. Westmed offers the right product at a sensible price.
• Designed to function as a standard circle anesthesia breathing system.
• Features a streamlined tube within-a-tube design which eliminates twisting between the inspiratory and expiratory limbs.
• Eliminates bulky connectors at the patient interface.
• Provides natural heat and moisture conservation properties to that of a standard circle circuit.
• Engineered with a secure-fit inspiratory limb to prevent patient end disconnects.
• ISO-standard connections for secure, leak-resistant attachments.
• Available in convenient Latex-Free Configurations.
• Available in custom configurations to meet your clinical needs.
• Complete anesthesia systems available.
• Plain or ported wyes
• HME’s, HMEF’s, and bacterial viral filters
• Gas sampling ports, lines and filters
• Internal and external gas sampling configurations
• Three complete anesthesia face mask options
• Three styles and four sizes of anesthesia breathing bags
• Guedel and Berman airways
• ECG leads

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