NeuroMuscular Transmission Monitor

The ToFscan is a neuromuscular transmission monitor for quantitative
monitoring of neuromuscular blockade and reversal.
3D accelerometry
A realistic and complete measurement of the evoked muscle responses is
achieved with 3D accelerometry. The user obtains objective results for the
quantitative stimulation modes. The ToFscan provides the most reliable
way to ensure the absence of residual neuromuscular block.
Adapted to different stimulation sites
The ToFscan has a range of four specific sensors to monitor different sites
and it requires no calibration. The shape of the sensors has been designed
to ensure result accuracy while it allows easy positioning.
Simple and ergonomic
While integrating innovative technology the ToFscan is simple to use.
Plugged in or battery operated it is an autonomous and mobile device.
The clamp secures its fixing on supports and protects it against the risk
of fall. The general design, the screen and the one wheel-button selection
makes the ToFscan user-friendly and easy for anyone to handle.
The ATP mode ensures a simplified and continuous monitoring of blockade,
from induction to complete reversal of the patient. It is an automated and
useful mode combining TOF and PTC.

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