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V8800 Critical Care Ventilator

The V8800, Critical Care Ventilator

The V8800, Critical Care Ventilator is designed for use with infants, children and adults. It has comprehensive functionality, a user-friendly design, and is full of high-quality, reliable treatment options for the clinician. With a 15” TFT LCD touch screen and a simple intuitive interface, the user can easily and quickly select ventilation settings. The V8800 display can be rotated 180 degrees in different directions, allowing for different angles of observation and action.
The V8800 provides a wide range of advanced ventilation modes that enable effective care across different patient acuity types. Integrated Spirometry offers additional clinical information which enhances careful decision making.

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C4500 Air Compressor

C4500 Air CompressorFiltered and dried compressed air for use with ventilator patients with high temperature and low pressure audible and visual alarms
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