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SunMed F-O Siker - American Profile

F/O Siker - American Profile

SunMed GreenLine® Laryngoscopes, Fully Comply with ISO 7376 Green Specifications.

  • Green system compatible, compliant with ISO standard 7376
  • Ideal for use on patients with anatomical variation which make intubation with conventional blades difficult
  • The basic portions of the blade make an angle of 135° with a mirror located at flange angle facing spatula for better visualization during intubation
  • Distal portion is 3"
  • Since mirror inverts the reflected image, operator should exercise caution until familiar with its use
  • Curved Stylette is recommended for use with the Siker blade
  • Immersing blade in warm water bath for 10 minutes prior to use will prevent mirror fogging
  • Constructed of 303/304 surgical stainless steel


 Cat #  Size  Description  Length  Distal Width  Replacement Bundle
 5-5245-04  4  Large Adult  158mm  18mm  5-5245-74