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Special Features

V8800 is a critical care ventilator for infants, children and adults. It has comprehensive functionality, a user-friendly design, and is full of high-quality, reliable treatment options for the clinician.

The V8800, Critical Care Ventilator•With a 15” Color TFT LCD touch screen, rotary knob and a simple intuitive interface, the user can easily operate the device. At the same time the display can be rotated 180 degrees by the user in both directions for convenient viewing and operation.

•Menus are easy to use and well organized. 

•V8800 features automatic measurement of static compliance, airway resistance and intrinsic PEEP.




The V8800, Critical Care Ventilator•Easily removable and autoclavable exhalation valve module to keep maintenance costs low.

•Intelligent alarm system, reinforces safe use of the machine.



The V8800, Critical Care Ventilator•Built-in battery eliminates the need to worry about power interruptions.

•An optional 2nd internal battery is available to double the battery run time to greater than 2 hours. The V8800, Critical Care Ventilator





•In addition to typical ventilation modes, V8800 also has BIVENT and PRVC, to fully meet the demands of critical care mechanical ventilation.

•V8800 also includes enhanced features such as automatic tube compensation as part of the standard configuration.

•V8800 includes NIV Ventilation as a standard feature.

The V8800, Critical Care Ventilator

•Users have the flexibility to use V8800 for both invasive and non-invasive therapy to reduce equipment costs.

•Synchronized nebulizer •Inspiratory and expiratory hold

•Manual inspiration •Smart suction

•Available Trolley with Integrated AC outlets for V8800, C4500 and for Humidifier to simplify cable routing

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