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Oxygen Saturation Monitor

To ensure correct use of the instrument, please adhere to the following.
  • Before using the instrument, be sure to read the instruction manual.
  • Always use the specified power. Use of inappropriate power may result in afire or electric shock.

Main Specifications PULSOX-2
Measuring method Dual-wavelength pulse-type oximeter
Measuring range SpO2: 0 to 100%
Pulse rate: 20 to 250 bpm
Accuracy SpO2: ??2% (70 to 100% , 1 s.d.)
Pulse rate: ??2 bpm
Display Oxygen saturation (SpO2)
Pulse rate number
Pulse level meter
Error messages
Equipment Classification Protection against electric shock: Internally powered
Type of applied Part: BF
Splash-proof equipment: not designed to be submerged into water.
Not suitable for use in the presence of flammable anesthetic mixture with air or oxygenor
nitrous oxide.
Mode of operation of Equipment: Continuous while in Use (IEC60601-1)
Operation temperature / humidity range 0 to 40?C (32 to 104?F)
30 to 95% relative humidity with no condensation
Storage temperature / humidity range -10 to 60?C (14 to 140?F)
30 to 95% relative humidity with no condensation
Power 2 AAA-size batteries
Dimensions (W ??H ??D) 69 ??60 ??28 mm (2-11/16 ??2-3/8 ??1-1/8 in.)
Weight (without batteries) 57 g (2 oz.)
Accessories Standard Accessory; Neck strap
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Low cost makes it affordable for patient home use.

PULSOX-2 can be used approx. 80 hours with 2 AAA
alkaline batteries.

After inserting a finger into comfortable holder,
measuring switch is automatically turned on, and
continuous measurement is performed.

Large display of approx. 11mm character height. In
darker surroundings, back light automatically turns on
for easy reading.

Light weight, compact contour and
design provide steady, accurate
measurements and avoid motion
Size: W69 ??H60 ??D28 mm
Weight: approx. 70g
(with 2 AAA batteries)

Splash proof design (IEC529, IPX4) and
built-in protection against physical and
electric shock.
PULSOX-2's durability and reliability
make it ideal for all environments,
including patient's home.



• ALL NEW Soft Tip Probe
• 4000 spot measurements on 1 AAA battery
• Reinforced design for increased durability
• Large, easy-to-read LED display
• User-friendly design with automatic
power-off function
• 12 month warranty

Spot Check Solution
A new addition to our pulse oximetry line-up, the Pulsox-300 offers durability and comfort in this all new wrist model oximeter. This unit is best used during stress tests, physician to patient testing and for simple spot checking situations.

Model Dimensions: 2.68" (W) x 2.28" (H) x 0.59" (D)
Model Weight: 56 grams (2 ounces)
Measuring Range: SpO2: 0 - 100%, Pulse rate: 30 to 230 bpm
Accuracy: SpO2: ±2% (70 - 100%), Pulse Rate: ±2 bpm (30 to 230 range)
Warning Functions: SpO2: Low SpO2 warning, Battery indication, Error message indication
Operating Conditions: 0 to 40°C (32 to 104°F); 30 to 85% relative humidity with no condensation
700 to 1060hPa (altitude: -400 to 3000m)
Storage Conditions: -10 to 60°C (14 to 140°F); 10 to 95% relative humidity with no condensation
700 to 1060hPa (altitude: -400 to 3000m)
Power Requirements: 1 AAA Alkaline battery (included)
Included Accessories: Wrist strap, finger probe, 1 AAA battery

Part Numbers
Pulsox-300 (no probe)  - R124P06

Pulsox-300 (w/finger probe) - R204P16
Pulsox-300 (w/spot-check probe) - R204P16-001

Pulsox-300 (w/soft tip probe) - R204P16-002


Product names are trademarks of their respective companies.

SP02 Accessories

The Maxtec® line of pulse oximeter replacement sensors are great for noninvasive, oxygen saturation and pulse rate measurements. We provide
both reusable and disposable probes for the leading manufactures of pulse
oximeters and patient monitors.





  • Reusable finger probes [12 month warranty]
  • Multi-site ("Y") probes [6 month warranty]
  • Ear probes [6 month warranty]
  • Soft, comfortable fit
  • Compatible with most commonly used oximeter systems


Our Soft-tip Sp02 sensors are compatible with the most commonly used oximeter
systems and modules. The Sp02 product family features unique product
designs, easy patient applications and improved patient comfort. Our
complete line of products are designed to be of the highest quality and
affordably priced.

  • Fully encapsulated components
  • Easy to clean
  • Latex-free
  • Soft, comfortable fit
  • Compatible with most commonly used oximeter systems
  • 24 month warranty

Maxtec Disposable SPO2 Probes

All disposable sensors feature a unique pre-aligned design that ensures
accurate sensor placement and sensor functionality. The application tapes
maximize patient comfort and allow easy sensor repositioning.

Maxtec® Sp02 probes provide the clinician with the highest range of flexibility
and quality. In many instances they exceed the selection of product
choices over the OEM.

The disposable probe line offers four patient sizes (Adult, Pediatric, Infant
and Neonate) and three different tapes:
• Microfoam® Allows easy sensor repositioning
• Transpore® Transparent
• Mediplast® Maximum adhesive characteristic

CE Marked