Anesthesia Service, Inc.

Established 1956

Parameters and Ranges

The V8800, Critical Care Ventilator•Tidal volume: 20-2500ml

•Respiratory rate: 1-120bpm

•Inspiration time: 0.2-9s

•Inspiratory pause time: 0~4s •Tslope: 0~2s

•FiO2: 21%~100%

•PEEP: 0-50cmH2O

•CPAP(NIV): 2-20cmH2O

•Psupport: 0-90cmH2O

•Pinsp: 5-90cmH2O

•Phigh: 5-90cmH2O

•Plow: 0-50cmH2O

•Esens: 5%~80%

•Flow patterns: square, decelerating

•Inspiratory hold & Expiratory hold

•Nebulizer: 30 or 45 minutes

•Auto tube compensation (ATC)

•Compliance compensation

•Graphical trends

•Nurse call

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