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Oricare Medical A9800 Anesthesia System

A9800 is an advanced yet easy to use anesthesia workstation that provides

accurate, pneumatically driven and electronically controlled ventilation.

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Advanced and clear user interface:

The large 15” TFT LCD with touch screen along with a navigator

wheel provides a simple intuitive interface that enhances user

control. The screen can be tilted upward and downward according

to the doctor’s needs and position. These ergonomic features assure

the clinician can complete the entire operation easily and accurately.

The parameter areas on the main screen are shown in different

colors for ease of identification. The waveforms and alarm records

are clearly shown for easy review by the clinician of the patient’s

treatment information.

Abundant Options

Gas monitoring CO2, N2O & 5 types of anesthetic agents.

AGSS (Anesthetic Gas Scavenging System) provides safe and effective waste gas removal.

Patient suction regulator.

Third vaporizer parking position.

Ventilation Modes

Volume Control

Pressure Control

SIMV with Pressure Support (SIMV + PS) - with Volume or Pressure-type mandatory breaths

Pressure Support (with Apnea backup)

PCV-VG (Pressure Control Ventilation with Volume Guarantee)

Manual ventilation