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T3600 Series Operating Table

T3600 is a high quality Electro hydraulic operating table that satisfies the most demanding world-wide clinical safety requirements and national standards. With its advanced configuration, its high quality materials, and its flexible and convenient operating system the T3600 will be the best choice for the modern operating room.

  • Features

    The T3600 electronic operating table is applicable for thoracic surgery, abdominal surgery, neurosurgery, ENT surgery, gynecological & obstetric surgery and urological surgery.

  • Standard Accessories

    Robust construction: made from stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean


  • Technical Specifications


  • Other Accessories

    Many specialized options available for the operating table allow it to be used to support a multitude of body positions and procedures.


  • Basic Functions

    The T3600 features a wide adjustment range for all position settings in order to satisfy the demands of many different types of surgeries.


  • Extended Functions

    More features and functions 

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