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NEW Heine LED Stubby / Compact Handles

Complete LED Handle System Now Available

Introducing the LED Stubby and Compact (Ped.) Handles

The newest additions to the HEINE handle line complete a handle offering that removes bulb failure risk and provides the brightest illumination possible for a laryngoscope system.


The LEDs are rated to last at least 50,000 hours, so you never have to worry about bulb failure or bulb maintenance.


The LED illumination system provides maximum brightness and ideal color temperature for intubation.

LED heat management - LED illumination systems require heat management to ensure long-term performance and product stability. The NEWStubby and Compact LED Laryngoscope handles utilize ceramics, a heat conducting foil and an aluminum heat sink in a three-layered composite structure to manage damaging thermal build-up. This guarantees a consistent light quality and performance throughout the LEDs' lifetime.

Low Battery Indicator: Visible early indication of low battery status by reduction in brightness.


2 Power Option– The LED Stubby and Compact Handles are available in the following configurations:

o 2.5V Alkaline – 2 AA batteries.

o 2.5V NiMH Rechargeable Battery – **Unlike the Xenon rechargeable Stubby and Compact Handle, which utilize 3.5V rechargeable batteries, the LED handles utilize NEW 2.5V rechargeable batteries. Converting rechargeable Xenon handles to LED will require a new battery for the LED to function properly.

 Product #  Description
 F-008.22.812  Heine Complete Stubby LED Handle - AA Batteries
 F-008.22.414  Heine Complete Stubby LED Handle - 2.5V Rechargeable NiMH
 F-008.22.800  Heine Complete Compact (Ped) LED Handle - AA Batteries
 F-008.22.806  Heine Complete Compact (Ped) LED Handle - 2.5V Rechargeable NiMH
 F-008.22.801  Heine LED Insert for Compact (Ped) Handle (upgrade current compact handles to LED)
 X-001.99.306  **Heine 2.5V NiMH Rechargeable battery for Compact LED Handles
 X-001.99.307  **Heine 2.5V NiMH Rechargeable battery for Stubby LED Handles