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Monitoring & Alarms

The V8800, Critical Care Ventilator and C4500 Air CompressorMonitoring

•Volume/Flow values: VTI, VTE, MV, MVspont, Leak%

•Loops: Flow – Pressure, Pressure - Volume, Flow – Volume


•Optional EtCO2

•Pressure values: Pmin, Pplat, Pmean, Ppeak, PEEP


•MV high, MV low, Circuit disconnect, Paw high, Paw low

•Continuous airway pressure high, VTi high, fspont high

•Tapnea, FiO2 high, FiO2 low, EtCO2 high, EtCO2 low

•Power supply failure, Battery low, Battery exhausted

•Air supply failure, O2 supply failure, PEEP low

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