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Heine® Modular+ Fiber Optic Laryngoscope Blades

HEINE Modular F.O. Laryngoscope Blades - a new concept in laryngoscope technology. With performance features comparable to HEINE Classic+ FO Laryngoscopes, the HEINE Modular Laryngoscope system  reduces costs by employing a two-piece, autoclavable modular design. The F. O. LIGHT MODULE easily  snaps" in and out of the BLADE MODULE for convenient and time-effective removal and replacement for  cleaning and sterilization procedures. The light module does not project into the line of sight, making intubation safer and easier.
• HEINE HiLite® fiber bundle for improved light transmission and longer life.
• With the alternative of LED or XHL illumination: With either 3x or 40% brighter light as with conventional halogen bulbs.
• Modular construction – swap modules in a few seconds.
• Ideal shape with no light pipe in the line of sight.
• Blade module made entirely of stainless steel.
• Economical modular design.
• Compatible with all handles to the ISO 7376 (green standard).
• High quality stainless steel construction.
• 5 years warranty. 4000 standard autoclave cycles of 134° C / 5 min. with more than 1000 lux.

Mac F.O. modular blades


 Size F.O. Modular+ blade, complete  Blade Module (Metal)  F.O. Light module (only)
 Mac 1 F-00.22.501  F-00.22.531   F-00.22.561
 Mac 2 F-00.22.502  F-00.22.532   F-00.22.562
 Mac 3 F-00.22.503  F-00.22.533   F-00.22.563
 Mac 4 F-00.22.504  F-00.22.534


Miller F.O. Modular Blades


 Size  F.O. Modular+ blade, complete  Blade module (metal)  F.O. Light module (only)
 Miller 0  F-000.22.510  F-000.22.540  F-000.22.570
 Miller 1  F-000.22.511  F-000.22.541  F-000.22.571
 Miller 2  F-000.22.512  F-000.22.542  F-000.22.572
 Miller 3  F-000.22.513  F-000.22.543  F-000.22.573
 Miller 4  F-000.22.514  F-000.22.544  F-000.22.573