Anesthesia Service, Inc.

Established 1956


Outstanding X-Ray Radiolucency

The table plate is made of environment-friendly material which has outstanding x-ray radiolucency.



Elevator Kidney-bridge

Built-in elevator kidney-bridge, which has no negative effect on X-ray radiolucency procedure, supports kidney and gallbladder surgery efficiently.

Two Control Modes

Corded hand control plus override control panel on the support column. This redundant surgical position control system provides a back-up adjustment method to the user and improves safety.


Three-level square support column is constructed of high quality stainless steel , which is easy to clean. The patented hydraulic cylinder ensures consistent operation of the table.







On a fully-charged battery, maximum working time of the table is 15 days. Operating on battery power enhances the safety of surgeries since there is no connection to an AC power supply.






High quality mattress is durable and easy to clean. It is covered with a soft material and filled with memory-foam, therefore decreasing the possibility of the occurrence of bedsores and numbing.

T3600 includes a high quality mattress. Its outer fabric is made of high grade, durable material. A new type of memory foam is used to fill the mattress. This greatly enhances the adaptive capacity of the mattress, optimizes the contact area between the patient and the mattress to reduce the body pressure points and minimizes the formation of pressure ulcers.




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