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M9500 Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor

M9500 Multi-Parameter Patient Monitor


Colorful and clear 15 "TFT LCD

Adequately meet the hospital's clinical needs with peculiar 7/12 leads in the same screen

30 minutes one important lead's ECG waveform reviewing

Applicable ECG cable of 3/5 leads, automatic recognition

72h trend data/trend maps storage and reviewing

Digital SpO2technology - anti-motion, anti-low perfusion, anti-electrosurgical interference

Store and Reviewing

1000 groups NIBP measurement

1800 groups Alarm events reviewing

Thermal Recorder with real-time recording and alarm-trigger printing function is available as an option

Supporting for drug dose calculation, other bed, short trend, OXYCRG

Supporting for VGA output and power failure data-store and SD card

Supporting for defibrillation protection

Supporting for High blood pressure mold

Built-in detachable rechargeable lithium battery

Can be connected to the central monitoring system in wired or wireless

Dual Alarm light - Physiological Alarm light and Equipment Technical Alarm light, Back light buttons